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Gateway's Youth Group is back and is a place for young people to grow in skills and confidence, develop friendships, and explore faith on a real level.

With a re-developed youth room and a blank canvas for creativity, Youthway is inviting you to see that we are made for more.

The next Youthway event is scheduled for Friday 17th November so keep it in your calendar!

One Friday each month, Youthway will host an amazing night of creative art, drama, sport and skating and more with our amazing Youthway team. There will be loads of food and prizes, as well as the odd live tunes to be played. We can't wait to get this going and other Youth Groups are welcome to book in.

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Weekly Connect Groups - Fridays from 4pm will come in the future

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Youthway is Launceston’s latest youth group with a range of activities, mentoring and support available for young people in a Christian environment. Youthway features events for young people to have fun with skate boarding, epic art, theatre sports, live music and plenty of food! On a regular basis, Youthway will also have weekly connect groups that encourages young people to explore their faith.
Friday 17th November 6.00-8.00pm Free event
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