Missions and Outreach

Gateway is passionate about spreading the good news both locally and globally. Through the Action Missions Team, Gateway sets aside 10% of offerings to the mission field to further the good work that is being done outside of the church's 4 walls.

This includes supporting our sister Church in Thailand, supporting our members who have been called to the mission field, supporting local mission outreach opportunities, and preparing the groundwork for our congregation to be mission focused.

If you'd like to find out more, contact the Missions Team below.

Bathania Church - Thailand

Since 2008, Gateway has developed a flourishing relationship with Bathania Church, located in the hills of Northern Thailand. Through various mission trips, supporting sponsor children and investing into the lives of young leaders, Gateway is committed to supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ in the wonderful community that is bringing the gospel to their region.

Local Missions and Outreach

Gateway sees that mission on our door step is just as important as mission in another country. Through creative and innovative ideas, we organise events and partner with other like-minded groups to share joy and hope. Events include the Bethlehem Bazaar, Easter Festivals, Christmas Carols events and much more.

Supporting our family in the mission field

When a family from Gateway is called to the mission field, we make sure that we are there to support them. The Action Missions Team, regularly meet to discuss options to supporting those that are committed to bringing the gospel whether it be in Australia, or abroad.

Concerts and Events

Gateway has had a long history of being a central point for concerts and events in the city. With some of the best acoustics there are to offer, we strive to be that place of difference that performers and musicians can bring the gift to share with Launceston.