Artway Studio and Gallery

Our church hall is set up as an art and craft studio and gallery, with artists and people working in crafts from our congregation and other churches working there between 12 Noon and 2 pm Wednesdays and Thursdays.

This project seeks to lift the profile of Christian art and craft work in Launceston as well as the profile of Gateway Church, providing a contrast to that of Dark Mofo and other secular arts displays which often feature a lot of ‘dark’ and unholy themes.

The studio allows people to not only view and purchase the work displayed but also observe artists and crafts people at work, stay for a cuppa, or for some light lunch, talk about arts, crafts or anything else which is on their hearts and, hopefully, about Jesus.

People can also book in for art lessons in the 12 noon till 2pm timeslot on either day. The cost is $5 per session to cover costs.

We feel it has great potential to become a major ministry of the church, drawing many people into our church community network.

Our vision is to see Artway open every day of the week,

with light lunches provided for people to come in during their lunch breaks at work. Maybe even some light music!

Thus, the studio also functions as a Community Outreach Facility, similar to a Drop-in-Centre with the art and craft work used as a means-to-an-end rather than an end in itself, a catalyst to allow us to develop relationships and share our faith with people. As opportunities arise, we share our faith in Jesus, pray for people, minister to practical needs and ultimately, hopefully, lead them into the Kingdom.

10% of sales goes towards funding the mission activities of Gateway.

Hire Request Page

If you are interested in hiring out the Artway Studio or other facilities available at Gateway, please visit the Facilities Hire page.

Further Information about the Artway Studio and Gallery

Yes we have a variety of different groups that utilise Artway. Please visit the Facility Hire Page

Artway is currently open Wednesdays and Thursdays between 11am-3pm.

Gateway is a private carpark, however we reserve 3 cars spaces for short visits.

All enquiries about displaying your own art can be directed to [email protected]

There are lunches available on Wednesday’s for the community to join in with.