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Youthway - the development of a new youth group

Youthway will be a community where a young person can find belonging, creativity and a sense of purpose outside of their day to day.

The Youth Group will be located in the heart of Launceston, connected close to Launceston College, Housing support programs, Mental Health services and the local shopping precinct. With the target age group ranging from 12-17, young people will be provided with the necessary support and care to help them navigate through the inescapable moments adolescence throws at them whilst exploring a range of creative, active and theatrical workshops.

The youth group will operate on a number of platforms including:

  • regular connect support groups. These groups will meet in the youth room (or via Zoom if unable to attend due to health reasons). The purpose of the Connect Groups are primarily for discussion and building relationship.
  • monthly youth workshop events featuring skate mentoring, artist workshops, drama workshops and sports clinics. The monthly youth workshops will enable young people to be split into smaller groups in separate rooms to enable to be covid-safe. Gateway's new website (soon to be launched) will allow for online bookings to ensure programs have appropriate number of people in each area.
  • live music events. Gateway's auditorium currently caters for 200 people with the social distancing restrictions in place. This will allow for youth bands to perform in a safe environment.

The youth rooms will be re-designed including removal of old couches and benches to be replaced with spaced seating, installation of individual member supply tubs
(books, art supplies, etc). The youth group at the core will mentor and support young people to reach their potential, to develop eyes that can see those in need, and to foster a drive to make a difference in the world, both locally and globally. The team feature a range of unique skills from a diverse background including professional skaters, artists, musicians, athletes and youth workers.

The Youth Group will utilise the facilities both indoor and outdoor at Gateway Baptist Church which includes auditoriums, an art studio, meeting rooms, outdoor basketball, veggie
garden project and more. Spacing the Youth Group into different areas allows for hygiene control and social distancing. Young people will have the opportunity to not only enjoy activities, explore creativity, but to also make a difference. Gateway hosts a feeding the homeless program, supports communities in Thailand to name a few opportunities that young people can be mentored in discovering a greater purpose than themselves. We will support the young people to develop values and a character that builds for a better future. In the past Gateway has had successful youth group programs that catered for many young people. Young people that wish to provide assistance to feeding the homeless will be trained and prepared for volunteering.

If you are interested in being part of the team, you may want to come along to our Vision Meeting.

What: Youthway Vision Meeting

When: Thursday 15th October

Time: Following the Gateway Fellowship Dinner at 6.30pm

Where: Artway Studio & Gallery

For further information, email [email protected]